20 Best Guest Posting Sites for Organic Traffic

est Guest Posting Sites for Organic Traffic

Based on traffic statistics collected from billions of users who use Alexa’s toolbar, Alexa indexes over 30 million websites. Having said that, the top guest blogging websites listed below, are highly recommended for you all to submit your content to. As per DailyHawker, These are all reputable guest posting sites that should increase the organic traffic to your blog. 

1. Outbrain

An online advertiser named Outbrain connects content and audience to assist people to increase customer engagement and income. This gets an overall global rank of 128, with business as its primary focus and content marketing as its secondary theme.

2. The Huffington Post

one of the best sites for information on news, entertainment, personal anecdotes, wellness, fashion, technology, and the hottest issues. For writers that write in several genres, it is ideal. It has a global ranking of 152, and its primary themes include politics, business, lifestyle, and popular culture. It accepts previously published content.

3. About

A website with over 1,000 topics covered by hundreds more expert writers in articles and videos. This can be a great choice for you to publish if you have faith in your knowledge. It has a global rating of 430, with the theme ‘Everything’ as its focus. It exclusively accepts long-term contributors, not one-time guest articles, and does not accept reposted content.

4. HubSpot

The core themes of HubSpot’s sales & inbound marketing software include email, sales and marketing, content creation, SEO, web design, and business. With a global rating of 519, HubSpot does not accept anything that has been previously published.

5. Mashable

Everybody’s go-to media source for cutting-edge technology, breaking news, entertainment, and information. About 45 million people visit each month to discuss the newest technical developments! Its primary themes include technology, digital culture, and entertainment, and it accepts previously published work. It is ranked 521 globally.

6. Investopedia

Investopedia, the premier website for financial education, has articles on various financial issues, from investing to markets, business, and more. With a global rating of 803, the primary themes are business and finance. Republished material is not accepted.

7. Sitepoint

All web developers may connect at Sitepoint because they have a passion for creating things for the internet. Additionally, you may find the top instruction and guidance on the most recent web technology there. With a global rating of 879 and the core themes of web designing and development, technology, and business, it occasionally accepts work that has already been published.

8. Entrepreneur

Another top resource for business, is social media, marketing, finance, and leadership information geared for entrepreneurs and anybody interested in the business sector. A core subject of business, entrepreneurs, marketing, finance, and social media, with a global rating of 1,002. It rejects republished content.

9. Moz

Incorporated in 2004, Moz creates tools for assessing a site’s degree of search engine marketing. On their blog, they also share their expertise and how to guide social media marketing. It has a 1,326 global rating. The primary themes are search engines, search marketing, and SEO. It rejects previously published content.

10. The Penny Hoarder

To help users put more money into their wallets, The Penny Hoarder offers users financial advice and suggestions for managing their finances. Its core focus is blogging, money, and finance, and it currently has an overall global ranking of 1,432! It does not accept any form of reposted content.

11. Lifehack

The main focus of Lifehack is enhancing all elements of your life, from getting the job done to cultivating a positive effect on others around you. It has a global rating of 2,118, its primary themes are lifestyle and productivity, and it never accepts previously published content.

12. Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog is the online publication that brings together all imaginative, reflective authors who wish to share their experiences and viewpoints on various subjects, including love and self-reflection. Having a core topic of lifestyle and a global rating of roughly 2,525! It accepts previously published content.

13. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine draws readers and contributors from all over the world, especially designers and developers, with its wide range of web technology and web design subjects, including code, WordPress, graphics, and mobile. It has a 3,411 global rating, with web design and development as its primary topics. Authors are compensated, however, repeated work is not accepted.

14. ShoutMeLoud

A tight-knit community of bloggers who share their success with those who want to be their boss through the internet. Having a global ranking of 3,980, the Core theme is Blogging, Money, & it does not accept republished content.

15. The Muse

They also allow individuals to contact and interact with employers/companies and enroll in courses. It has a Global ranking of around 4,056, Key theme of this would be Career & it doesn’t Accept republished content. The Muse is your primary online resource for finding wise, inspirational job advice for every stage of your career.

16. Elite Daily

An online news source called Elite Daily publishes articles and lists on topics including love, health, dating, entertainment, and breaking news. Having a 4,574 global rank and a primary focus on news, entertainment, and lifestyle! It accepts previously published articles as well. Although it is highly accommodating and enables authors to submit articles a bit more or less frequently, contributing writers are required to contribute at least one article draught every week.

17. Social Media Examiner

Millions of companies learn the newest social media marketing techniques from Social Media Examiner to increase traffic, interact with consumers, get visibility, and increase profitability. Its primary themes include social media, digital marketing, and business. It has a global rating of 5,862 and does not accept previously published content.

18. Digital Inspiration

One of the 100 best technology and how-to blogs, Digital Inspiration focuses on using software technologies online. Its primary focus is technology and software and has a global score of 6,015. It will not accept previously published articles.

19. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics provides data and statistics that demonstrate the performance of businesses. While keeping an eye on traffic, aids firms in turning customers into brand advocates. Has quite a ranking of 6,175 and focuses on business, marketing, and web analytics; it does not accept anything that has been previously published.

20. Business 2 Community

A location where business experts congregate to share their ideas with the public. If it’s about starting a business and engaging with clients, this is the best location to teach and learn. It accepts reprinted material and has a ranking of 9,055. Its primary themes include business, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

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