5 Biotech Companies In San Diego To Know!

Biotech Companies In San Diego

The need for biotech innovation has displayed no sign of slowing down after the pandemic, and biotech companies in San Diego have always played an integral role in more than just the economy by being a driving force for real estate leasing, infrastructural growth, and life sciences. San Diego has long been a scientific hub for biotech prep, testing, and innovation, with UCSD alone boasting revenue streams of over one billion dollars per year in sponsored research – so this is most definitely an interesting field. 

5 Biotech Companies In San Diego That Are Life-Changing!

To find solutions to the COVID-19 crisis, it was no wonder that biotechnology was on everyone’s lips as companies in every tech industry imaginable raced rapidly last year. 

Last year and perhaps even right now, organizations in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors may be working around the clock to find effective methods to fight COVID-19 for good because even now after the dust has settled, researchers and engineers simply continue to improve the lives of people living with diseases and conditions that are far less headline-worthy.  

With the long-term goal of improving the quality of life for everyday patients in mind, let’s take a look at how these 5 biotech companies in San Diego are building a better world.

1. Human Longevity Biotech Companies San Diego, 2013

If you’re wondering what they do, Human Longevity has the goal to harness the advantages of genomic research to assist people to live longer and healthier lives, by developing a database of clinical data to assist doctors to understand the full picture of their patients’ health. 

Human Longevity is a company in San Diego that uses machine learning and computing technology to transform clinical datasets into actionable insights, assisting medical professionals to make recently developed discoveries in healthcare and extend the lifespans of their patients at any age.

2. Dexcom Biotech Companies San Diego, 1999

Founded at the end of the 90s, Dexcom offers solutions for diabetes management. 

How? Dexcom offers a continuous glucose monitoring kit that patients can use to care for their condition and find control over their health. 

Innovatively, relying on sensor technology to calibrate and transmit glucose numbers to patients every five minutes, their wearable devices remove the need for fingerstick testing

Moreover, Dexcom seeks to aid their customers by empowering the diabetes community through their Dexcom Warriors program in addition to their health monitoring products, which highlight the accomplishments and everyday lives of people managing diabetes.

3. Illumina Biotech Companies San Diego,1998

If you’re wondering what they do, Illumina is a genetic sequencing company that creates assays for genetic variation analysis in clinical tests. 

How? The company offers technology that helps power clinical studies to disease transmission. Illumina does so by facilitating ease for researchers to track pathogen spread, discover effective therapies, and test vaccines. 

The company offers assays that have recorded breakthroughs in a number of research fields including oncology, agrigenomics, microbiology, and reproductive healthcare.

4. EAG Laboratories Biotech Companies San Diego,1978

Founded in the late 70s, EAG Laboratories created and distributed scientific technologies and services to companies in the engineering, life science, and materials sectors and continues to do so. 

EAG Laboratories’s work with companies in generic drug manufacturing and pharmaceuticals comes under the umbrella of everything from chemical imaging to regulations compliance, helping organizations protect and optimize their products at every step of their lifecycle. 

The team of researchers at EAG Laboratories has tie-ups with leading biotechnology companies to both protect their patents and other intellectual property and develop effective medical products. 

5. NuVasive Biotech Companies San Diego, 1997

If you’re wondering what they do, NuVasive develops medical products and surgical devices. What kind of devices you may ask? Well, NuVasive Biotech has products that are developed to assist patients undergoing surgery that have both noninvasive experiences and successful outcomes. 

NuVasive Biotech primarily focuses on spinal surgery technology. How? Well, the company provides a portfolio of software and hardware products designed to aid surgeons to transform care for neck and back pain. Among the many services they offer are spinal alignment software, orthopedic solutions, neuromonitoring, and technology to reduce surgical radiation.

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