Top 20 Auto Manufacturers in The World

Auto Manufacturers

From the past several years, there has been an intense competition among the auto manufacturers. They compete with one another to make their name available in the list of the best auto manufacturers. They bring new strategies to beat their opponents in this high intensity competition in auto market. Recently, when technology has became an integral part of choosing an Automobile brand. The companies which have concentrated on the technology of electric car have made huge profits. Every buyer has the basic mindset of buying a car that will have all the modern features. In this article we are presenting to you a list of all these top auto manufacturers. So here we go!

Top 20 Auto Manufacturers In The World

20. Chevrolet

Chevrolet, also known worldwide as Chevy, is one of the best auto manufacturers in the world. This company nearly constitutes almost half of the Total General Motors Global Value. When it comes to durability and reliability, this brand has ranked in the top three multiple times. Internationally it is famous for these important aspects. Chevrolet cars are sold in 100 plus countries. Chevrolet is well-known for its good car brand value world-wide. The United States is its manufacturing country and the largest selling hub. In 2019 global index report, Chevrolet got the 23rd on the basis of safety and reliability. It has earned many prestigious titles. Like the ‘most dependable small cars’, ‘Durable Large SUV’ and a lot more.

19. Honda

The most important aspect of Honda is that it prioritizes longevity more than anything else. Customers world-wide consider it one of the most reliable car brand. Honda cars are manufactured in Japan and then it is distributed globally. Honda cars are famous for their super durability. It has always ranked in the top 10 list when it comes to reliability. This car brand has progressed with the manufacturing of technologically advanced car models. One of its key factors is its low cost repairs and these cars require repairs not so often. Honda engines are very efficient in work. The suspension system in these cars works greatly and is a perfect buying option for a buyer.

18. Nissan

For many years, Nissan has given a tough competition to the other global brands in the auto world. With the help of its awesome generosity, it has made its existence in this premium list of auto manufacturers. Some of its key factors include its remarkable fuel efficiency and a brilliant cargo space. All these super features have given this brand a honorable name in the auto industry. When it comes to consistency, no one can deny the fact that Nissan has been one of the best brands. Its manufacturing hub is in Japan, the land of technology and innovations. With its amazing performance in the recent years, it has grown a lot in the International market.

17. Ford

Ford is well known world-wide for its attentive customer support. It has been an amazing buying option for customers who want the latest technological features. A major key factor of Nissan is that it has a wide range of price for all types of customers. Nissan has made its name in the global market mainly because of its special collection of SUVs and trucks. With its wide range of cars and amazing performances, Nissan has ranked among the top automobile brands. With every year passing, Nissan is growing a lot and making huge profits from the sales. It has introduced a lot of high level technology cars in the recent years. Almost every model of Nissan is different from the others, because of this uniqueness it has made a huge name in this auto world. 

16. Fiat

Fiat was reintroduced in 2011 in the United States. It came back with a new retro look. This gave Fiat a huge name in the Global Auto Market. Surprisingly it is the world’s oldest automobile brand. Its manufacturing hub is in Italy, the land of art. Nissan is famous for its unique small cars with an amazing attractive outlook with a classic appearance. When it comes to Fiat, one cannot deny the fact that it has amazing exterior designs. One key factor that makes it an awesome buying option is its absolute premium appearance. It is quite expensive but it has a good reselling value around the world.

15. Jeep

Whenever someone thinks of buying a SUV, the first brand that comes to his mind is Jeep. The number of SUV sales that Nissan makes is just huge. It is well known world-wide for its awesome off-road cars, since its establishment as an automobile brand. The special ability that makes off-roading a smooth experience is its powerful turbo diesel. Its cars are manufactured by the Bantam Car Company of America. It has started manufacturing automobiles since World War II. Jeep cars are very spacious inside with  sporty and premium interior decorations. This brand is famous world-wide for its cool and amazing exterior outlooks.

14. Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a brand that holds an incredible rank in the automobile sector. This company owns many other brands or is a partner of many of them. Volkswagen pays a lot of attention when it comes to the detailing of the car models. Volkswagen cars have the latest and powerful technological features. It manufactures cars that come with incredible and amazing model designs. When it comes to stylish appearance and comfort, this car brand is the one of the best you can get. Volkswagen provides a very affordable service cost to its customers and its cars are very trendy.

13. Volvo

Volvo is an automobile brand that provides its customers the ultimate travelling experience. It gives a fusion of quality and luxury to its buyers, meanwhile having a wide range of car models. Volvo cars are ranked among the best automobile brands in the world. Whenever someone thinks of buying a car with the latest safety features, Volvo is the best brand for them. Volvo cars come with powerful engines, a good gear mechanism and an amazing chassis. With a combination of both looks and performance, these Volvo cars are admired by the buyers world-wide. All these super features make it one of the best automobile brands in the world.

12. Jaguar

Jaguar is an automobile brand that is owned by the Tata group. The major key factors of these cars are its variability and its classiness that is superior than most of the other brands. When it comes to the requirements of both safety and latest technology, Jaguar is the best choice. Nearly in every aspect, Jaguar cars have performed just amazing. Jaguar cars are famous for their outward premium appearance which gives it an aristocrat feeling. These cars have great resale values all around the globe. Some of Jaguar’s models are just outstanding like Jaguar XE and Jaguar C-X75. 

11. Audi

According to many global surveys, Audi is ranked as one of the top five auto brands in the world. Some of its special features include premium interior designs and a smooth touch of easy and great accessible controls.  This brand of cars is known world-wide for their amazing innovations and technological advancements. Audi has one of the best MMI advertorials compared to other automobile brands globally. When it comes to the variety and range of cars, Audi has the largest automobile line ups. This brand has a huge variety of cars starting from super-small to super big cars. These cars come with the best diesel and powerful engines available in the market. These amazing features make these cars a perfect choice for road racing as well.

10. Toyota

Toyota is an automobile brand with the highest resale value rate according to the Kelly Blue Books. Toyota cars are made with utmost perfection, so that they can provide maximum comfort possible. Customers are greatly satisfied with these cars. When it comes to the safety aspect, Toyota has been awarded multiple times for its brilliant performance. Toyota greatly focuses on the environment factor. It has been ranked among the top automobile brands that are greatly eco friendly. Toyota cars come with super efficient engines with classy premium designs. Toyota is famous for their durability and quality, making it one of the best automobile brands in the world. 

9. Land Rover

Land Rover is an automobile brand that has been established in Britain. Land Rover is not related to the Jaguar Land Rover that is owned by Tata Motors Group. Being a premium brand, it also has a large variety of specialized SUV car models. For all the buyers who are interest to buy a car for off-roading, Land Rover cars are a perfect choice. These Land Rover cars are specially made for off-roading. These cars come with super powerful engines, suspension system and an amazing balance and tough grip. Land Rover cars are very spacious and comfortable with a premium outlook. For every adventurer, this car is the best choice for them.

8. Lexus

Lexus is one of those global car brands that have achieved a multiple number of awards for its amazing performance. Lexus has excelled in all the three main aspects- quality, comfort and speed. Lexus is well known worldwide for its great resale value. Lexus cars are famous for making eco-friendly cars in the recent years. These cars have an amazing durability and reliability. Security, engine efficiency and chassis system has been the three main aspects, that Lexus brand put a great attention on. Lexus cars are also fuel efficient. All these super qualities make Lexus one of the best automobile brands in the world. 

7. Porsche

Porsche is a brand that has been ruling the automobile industry for many years. It is known globally as the world’s greatest race car manufacturer. The manufacturing hub of Porsche cars is in Germany. A unique aspect of Porsche cars is that a buyer can experience the feeling of an SUV along with the touch of a sports car. Its cars have excelled in both the aspects, i.e. speed and balance.  When it comes to high speed cars, grip is a key factor and these cars have the best tire grips. Porsche cars are known for their premium compact cars with super powerful engines and a great horse power. This noble brand of premium cars registered its name in the hall of fame with the introduction of legendary 911.

6. Bugatti

Bugatti has registered its name in the list of top automobile brands in the world with the launch of Chiron. With its premium collection of super cars it has achieved the elite status in the automobile industry globally. Bugatti is famous worldwide as the brand that has made the world’s best exclusive sports car. When it comes to Bugatti cars, a buyer gets all the latest technology and super powerful features. We get both the qualities- Super fast speed as well as classy exterior designs. The interior of Bugatti cars looks super sporty and premium and comes with the best available features. In terms of safety, these cars are super amazing.

5. Bentley

When we hear the word ‘Bentley’, the first thing that comes to our mind is a vintage classy British car. Now, in addition to the vintage style, Bentley provides one of the world’s best modern technology. When a buyer wants to buy a car with both the features of high speed and great body strength, Bentley is a great choice. Bentley is well known for its huge variety of cars, now even it has manufactured a SUV named ‘Bentley Bentayga’. This car will be great in terms of speed, balance, features, luxury and comfort.

4. Rolls Royce

When it comes to the most luxurious and flawless beauty, Rolls Royce is the one to have. Rolls Royce cars have been the top most priority to the celebrities when they want to buy a premium car. The buyers can experience the feel of smooth and elite travelling with these cars. Unlike other brands that focus just on trendy and innovative aspects, Rolls Royce cars are different. Rolls Royce cars are a fusion of both traditional and technological features, giving it a simple yet classy look. The materials used in these cars are just pure and elegant. The passengers in the car can experience maximum comfort and smoothness while travelling.

3. BMW

When it comes to reliability, BMW is the best car brand available globally in the automobile industry. BMW has a huge and wide range of unique car models, which come with great reliability and super luxury status. BMW cars are known world-wide for their super comfort to the passengers and their super classy outlooks. In terms of speed, balance and grip, BMW cars are just amazing.  BMW cars come with great suspension system, giving the passengers a perfect smooth ride. These cars also have the latest safety features available in the market. Whether you want to buy a SUV or a sport car, BMW is one of the best choices for you.

2. Tesla

Tesla, the modern day giant far reaching battery company, is known globally for its electric cars. Some of its popular innovations include the solar panels with cutting edge technology and Lithium-ion battery. With the launch of the world’s first electric sports car, Tesla registered its name among the top automobile brands globally. The name of that car is Tesla Roadster, which is a fully electrically operated sports car. When it comes to buying a sedan, Tesla has also launched the Model S, which is a powerful electric sedan. Tesla has also manufactured the world’s most popular electric plug-in vehicle named Tesla Model 3. Tesla is currently one of the world’s most emerging and growing car brand, that is best known for high-end electric cars.

1. Mercedes- Benz

Mercedes Benz, an automobile brand that has been doing an outstanding wonders with technology, since 1886.  This brand has emerged as one of the world’s best automobile brand with its superb quality build-up. Mercedes Benz has grown a lot and has made a tremendous amount of sales in the global market. It has proven multiple times why it is considered as the world’s most successful automobile brand. Mercedes Benz is famous for both powerful as well as eco friendly cars. Its cars come with super efficient engines, good chassis and amazing suspension systems. Mercedes Benz cars are very elegant and classy in appearance and the interior designs are also super cool.

Final Talk:

The cars mentioned in this list are completely different from one another. Every car brand has its own speciality for which it is known globally. We can see a tough competition between these car brands. Their main motive is to focus on the technology aspect, so that they can make more innovative cars. The aspects on which they compete are quality, build-up material, speed, appearance, performance and safety. This list of cars has excelled in most of these factors, therefore making them the top auto brands globally. With more focus on environment, these car manufacturers are now making more eco-friendly cars. Thus we are leading to a better  future having less pollution.

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