Weird Gambling Laws from Around the World

Weird Gambling Laws from Around the World

Gambling is one of the favourite pastimes of people around the world. Whether the players play games in casinos or bet online, it is intriguing to see the winners and the losers. Although many countries worldwide accept gambling, both online and land-based games, they work tirelessly to implement laws that ensure responsible and safe gambling. Some of the laws implemented reflect a good way to manage gambling and players’ integrity while others prove bizarre. Read below to find some of the weirdest gambling laws from around the world.

Bingo Laws in North Carolina

Bingo is a fundraising game and one of the best ways to enjoy time with family and friends. However, in USA North Carolina, you cannot host Bingo tournaments on two consecutive days. In addition, there are rules and game limits people have to follow, like the five-hour time limit for a single game. If your time limit extends, you may have to give up your license. The law’s origins are still unclear but the laws are applied widely. 

Dice rule in Canada

Many games around the globe involve dice as they prove to be an easy solution to randomize the games. The numbers printed on dice often symbolise our luck in the game. But in Canada, using dice is illegal when playing Craps. The law was introduced when dice were used as a remote control in a few establishments and to prevent people from falling into the prey, it was banned.

Gambling restrictions in Japan

All types of betting and gambling are prohibited in Japan, except for routine wagering operations. Horse racing, motorsports, and lotteries are the exceptions. Japan is a nation that has a strong connection to its culture and heritage. These rules, which govern the economy, culture, and society, have their roots in the traditional Japanese method. Additionally stated as an exception is a pachinko. It is a slot machine game with several pinball-like characteristics.

South Africa restricts dog racing bets

We all love to watch racing of every sort. It invites both betting and gambling interest in punters while the sports lovers enjoy game dynamics. However, South Africa is one country that restricts racing, betting or gambling on dog races. Many gamblers nowadays take a keen interest in greyhound racing but it is regarded as cruel in South Africa, unlike horse races which include whips and jumps.

Texas banned poker room

In Texas, poker rooms are prohibited as they are regulated by the government. Although Texas is known for its gambling activities, this law came as a surprise to the world. However, online playing is deemed legal and you can still enjoy the game with your loved ones via screen instead of in a poker room.

Dominoes laws in Alabama

In Alabama, you cannot play dominoes on Sundays, though, the full extent of the law is still unclear. The law restricts gaming, shooting, card playing or racing on Sundays. This means, the state not just focuses on gambling but on a list of things that restrict many activities on that particular day of the week. Even kids are not allowed to play restricted games on Sundays like racing in the backyard. The main intention behind the law was to emphasize not working on Sundays but many businesses violate the law these days, particularly due to the advent of new technology. But you do not get arrested most of the time and even if there is a legal action to claim the law, you will not get enforced.

Gambling venues in West Virginia

The Mountain State’s gaming laws have a whole section devoted to the locations where gambling is permitted. Owners of hotels or taverns are not authorized to hold gambling events in their restrooms. A proprietor of a hotel or bar is guilty of a felony if they knowingly allow others to gamble in their outhouses. They risk losing their business licence, paying a fine, and spending up to months in jail. This is due to the fact that West Virginia formerly had a problem with outhouse gambling, which required the passage of legislation.

Playing Cards Act in Thailand

Thailand, one of the favourite tourist destinations has a strong governing rule to manage residents’ gambling behaviour. If you still break a law in the country, you will be fined, penalised or face serious consequences as a result. One of the several acts is the Playing Card Act which was implemented to regulate card game activities. Under the law, you cannot play more than 120 play cards at a time.

Kentucky law that allows gamblers to sue for loses

One of the weirdest gambling laws around the world is the one followed by Kentucky. In the state, a person losing more than $5 while gambling can sue the company for their losses. This law was implemented when people started losing big amounts and could not recover their money. This law not just prevents losses of players but also discourages gambling. But you can only sue within the first six months after you lose money in gambling after which, another person can sue for the losses on your behalf until five years from the day of loss.

Monte Carlo restricts locals in the casino

Monte Carlo is perhaps one of the biggest gambling destinations worldwide after Las Vegas, where you will find many luxurious resorts and casinos with a variety of unique games. The city hosts Formula 1 circuits in the F1 calendar alongside plenty of casinos to choose from. The city is filled with tourists all around the year to enjoy the gambling experience. However, citizens of Monte Carlo are prohibited from entering casinos unless they work there. As a result, Monte Carlo’s gambling industry is largely supported by tourism.

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